• Conference of Creatives - Scripted

    Conference of Creatives - Scripted

    November 1st, 2023

    Conference of Creatives brings together DGC Directors with Network Executives to pull back the curtain and learn what their plans and priorities are, what shows are in development, how to pitch and to whom. Have your questions ready!

  • How to get Hired, Pitch, and Sell

    How to get Hired, Pitch, and Sell

    October 28th, 2023

    How to get Hired, Pitch, and Sell moderated by Zach Lipovsky with directors Karen Lam and Anya Adams

  • Episodic Director Workshop

    Episodic Director Workshop

    October 14th, 2023

    Episodic Director Workshop, moderated by Gabriel Correa with Directors Anthony Q. Farrell, Robert Cohen, and Sherren Lee. 

  • Business of Being a Filmmaker

    Business of Being a Filmmaker

    October 3rd, 2023

    Business of Being a Filmmaker, moderated by Ingrid Veninger with director-producers, Victoria Lean, lori lozinski, and Igor Drljaca

  • Visionaries at VIFF

    Visionaries at VIFF

    October 1st, 2023

    Visionaries at VIFF …  

  • TV Movie Workshop

    TV Movie Workshop

    September 12th, 2023

    TV Movie Workshop: Hosted by David Strasser with J.B. Sugar and Lisa Rose Snow

  • Visionaries at TIFF

    Visionaries at TIFF

    September 10th, 2023

    Visionaries at TIFF: September 10th at 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM at 2nd Floor Events, 461 King West

  • Breaking into the U.S. Market

    Breaking into the U.S. Market

    August 30th, 2023

    Moderated by Zach Lipovsky. Featuring DGC Directors: Dawn Wilkinsonn and Deborah Chow