• Jeff Barnaby

    Jeff Barnaby

    The late Director Jeff Barnaby goes in depth on his film BLOOD QUANTUM with writer and broadcaster Jesse Wente. 

  • Shasha Nakhai & Rich Williamson

    Shasha Nakhai & Rich Williamson

    Co-Directors Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson discuss their film SCARBOROUGH, which took home eight 2022 Canadian Screen Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. 

  • Jeffrey St. Jules

    Jeffrey St. Jules

    Jeffrey St. Jules and Randall Okita take a tour through St. Jules' filmography from his early surrealist short films to his more recent foray into psycologically thrillers. 

  • Kari Skogland

    Kari Skogland

    Kari Skogland and President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige discuss the making of THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. 

  • Deborah Chow

    Deborah Chow

    Deborah Chow receives the 2021 DGC Visionary Award and speaks to writer and critic Johanna Schneller about her path to the director's chair. 

  • Danis Goulet

    Danis Goulet

    Danis Goulet talks NIGHT RAIDERS and the emerging genre of Indigenous Futurism. 

  • Bretten Hannam

    Bretten Hannam

    Director Bretten Hannam explores their feature film WILDHOOD with filmmaker Shane Belcourt. 

  • Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley sits down with Director Thom Fitzgerald to discuss the adaptation process and how expectations for directors have shifted. 

  • Michael McGowan

    Michael McGowan

    Michael McGowan discusses his feature adaptation of Miriam Toews' novel ALL MY PUNY SORROWS with writer and critic Johanna Schneller. 

  • John Fawcett

    John Fawcett

    Director and ORPHAN BLACK Co-Creator John Fawcett is joined by acclaimed actor Tatiana Maslany to discuss their perspective on the Director-Actor relationship.

  • Clement Virgo

    Clement Virgo

    Clement Virgo and TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey delve into Virgo's early work, his evolving process and how the industry has shifted since they both began their careers. 

  • Garrett Bradley

    Garrett Bradley

    Director Garrett Bradley discusses her Academy-Award-nominated documentary TIME with critic and film programmer Lydia Ogwang.