• Chase Joynt

    Chase Joynt

    Chase Joynt discusses his documentary FRAMING AGNES which confronts a 1950s gender health research program and seeks to reclaim trans history. 

  • Stefan Brogren

    Stefan Brogren

    Director Aubrey Arnason speaks with actor and filmmaker Stefan Brogren on the second installment of our TALKING TO ACTORS series. 

  • Atom Egoyan

    Atom Egoyan

    Atom Egoyan is joined by Tom McSorley to cover many different facets of his storied career. 

  • Liz Marshall

    Liz Marshall

    Changemaking filmmaker Liz Marshall sits down to talk about MEAT THE FUTURE, her latest documentary feature, with Director-Producer Shelley Saywell.

  • Judith Weston

    Judith Weston

    Famed acting coach Judith Weston speaks with DGC Director Aubrey Arnason on the first episode of our TALKING TO ACTORS series. 

  • Questlove


    Questlove goes in depth on his Academy-Award-winning documentary SUMMER OF SOUL.

  • Mina Shum

    Mina Shum

    Friends and colleagues Mina Shum and Don McKellar discuss their perspectives on the craft of directing. 

  • Helen Shaver

    Helen Shaver

    Helen Shaver discusses her award-winning work on the HBO Miniseries STATION ELEVEN.

  • Jeremy Podeswa

    Jeremy Podeswa

    Jeremy Podeswa speaks on his approach to directing STATION ELEVEN alongside Helen Shaver. 

  • Jennifer Abbott

    Jennifer Abbott

    Award-winning fillmmaker Jennifer Abbott speaks with climate activist Avi Lewis about two of her acclaimed documentaries, THE NEW CORPORATION & THE MAGNITUDE OF ALL THINGS.

  • Stanley Nelson

    Stanley Nelson

    Renowned Director Stanley Nelson talks ATTICA and the naunce of point-of-view in documentary. 

  • Helen Shaver

    Helen Shaver

    Director Helen Shaver breaks down her film HAPPY PLACE and the way she chose to portray trauma on screen with her colleague Jeremy Podeswa.