• Habibata Ouarme & Jim Donovan

    Habibata Ouarme & Jim Donovan

    Co-Directors Habibata Ouarme and Jim Donovan discuss their documentary KOROMOUSSO, BIG SISTER with Joy Loewen, CEO of the National Screen Institute. 

  • Hubert Davis

    Hubert Davis

    Hubert Davis speaks on tackling systemic racism in hockey with his documentary BLACK ICE. 

  • Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley

    Academy Award winner Sarah Polley speaks on how she adapted WOMEN TALKING into an Academy-Award-winning screenplay. 

  • Clement Virgo

    Clement Virgo

    Clement Virgo discusses BROTHER and the adaptation process with Sarah Polley and Tobias Lindholm. 

  • Darlene Naponse

    Darlene Naponse

    Darlene Naponse discusses her feature film STELLAR alongside fellow directors Sean Garrity, Marie Clements and Lindsay MacKay. 

  • Anthony Shim

    Anthony Shim

    Anthony Shim talks about his wildly successful second feature, RICEBOY SLEEPS, with a panel of other emerging directors.  …  

  • Tiffany Hsiung

    Tiffany Hsiung

    Director Tiffany Hsiung speaks with Nathalie-Anne Brassard about the latest agreement between the DGC and the National Film Board. 

  • Barri Cohen

    Barri Cohen

    Barri Cohen speaks on her documentary UNLOVED: HURONIA'S FORGOTTEN CHILDREN, alongside a panel of other socially impactful filmmakers. 

  • Jennifer Baichwal

    Jennifer Baichwal

    Renowned documentary Director Jennifer Baichwal discusses her film INTO THE WEEDS, which chronicles a San Francisco groundskeeper's fight against Monsanto. 

  • Sara Dosa

    Sara Dosa

    Award-winning Director Sara Dosa talks about her Oscar-nominated documentary FIRE OF LOVE with fellow filmmakers Louie Palu and Jennifer Baichwal. 

  • Louie Palu

    Louie Palu

    Photojournalist and documentarian Louie Palu speaks on his film ZERO POSITION, which takes viewers into Eastern Ukraine to observe a conflict between Ukranian and Russian Seperatist forces prior to Russia's full invasion of the country. 

  • Shane Belcourt

    Shane Belcourt

    Shane Belcourt speaks on his impactful documentary BEAUTIFUL SCARS alongside a panel of other filmmakers.